For the free spirits & the dreamers.

Welcome to my "lifestyle blog".

“However, I like to think of this less as a blog, more as a memoir. Because it's a memory. All of it. It's the woman I've been & who I hope to become. Welcome to the chapters to the book I'll never write. 


"Back to the gypsy that I was"

-Stevie Nicks

"If I could find a way to put myself into the words I would like to say, I would. However, I cannot determine what is at the forefront of my being enough to put it in a paragraph. We are far too complex to try to shape into ourselves into narrarives. We have no bounds. Allow yourself to trust in that. Allow yourself to grow. Try new things. Make friends, lots of them. Make connections, real ones. Love intentionally, extravagantly, & with every fiber of your being. Smile often. Keep an open mind & expand the conciousness of everyone you come in contact with.


I often wonder who I would be if I had pursued different things when I was a few years younger than I am today. One breath I had taken diffrently could have had me sitting in an apartment on the corner of 27th and 7th in New York City right now. I have the strongest conviction that the paths we take in this life bring us to where we are supposed to go. I am so far beyond thankful for all of the places and people I have in my life. The best part is and always will be, that no matter what path you choose to take it is never too late to become whatever version of yourself you want to become.

This website is a collection of words and images that I hold close to my heart. This is not my social media. This is the collection of thoughts that cannot be put into 140 characters. This is the memories. This is the loving who I am, who I have been, & what I will become. This is the art I create in my universe. These are the chapters to the book I'll never write. This is the always and ever changing. This is who I am and hope to be. This is the learning and the becoming."

-Spring 2016