Top 3 of 33 U.S. States I've Visited

Top 3 of 33 U.S. States I've Visited

"And we walked off to look for America"- America, Simon & Garfunkel

I love to travel. But more specifically, I love to road trip. While I would love to go overseas and travel the world some part of me knows theres so much to be seen and experienced here in the country that I was born in. That is my first travel priority. So far I have been to 33 or the 50 states in the U.S.A. I have driven across the country three times and adventured through many states in the process. To keep this trend of three going, I've decided to write about my top three favorite states that I have been to out of the 33. This is extremely hard for me, as I have SO many things that I love about so many places, I will probably write another post sometime to give those places the justice they deserve. As for now, here is a list of the 33. 

★ Arizona ★

★ California ★


★ Hawaii ★
















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York





South Dakota





West Virginia


#3. Arizona


My third favorite state in the country is Arizona. The first time I was in Arizona was when my father brought me to the Grand Canyon when I was in 8th grade. Words cannot describe how much I fell in love with the desert. This place contains some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. From the red rocks of Sedona to the vast canyons and sweeping desert scapes- this place is straight out of some old western movie. Arizona was what first inspired me to move out west and pursue a live on this side of the country. I even have a saguro cactus tattoo on my arm to commemorate my love for Arizona and how the state itself has inspired my life out west. When I first fell in love with Arizona, little did I know I would come to call this state a second home. I've been to Arizona five times this spring, my boyfriend plays baseball with the Chicago Cubs organization, and their complex is located in Mesa, AZ. Every time I come here, I find something new to fall in love with. 

#2. Hawaii

IMG_6722 2.jpg

If you've been to Hawaii, it's in your top three too. This place might be one of the happiest places on earth. The slower pace of life is such a contrast to having grown up in New York. I visited Hawaii when I was 16, which solidified the fact that I wanted to move out of NY and find somewhere sunnier and happier. When I considered moving to Hawaii, I remembered how much nothing else seemed to matter when I was there. Everything in life seems to move in slow motion and almost everyone I met there was so kind and welcoming. This place is truly paradise and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a tropical vacation. 

#1 California 


Oh my sweet California, for me, this state is the ultimate. Before I moved out here, I believed the common misconception that all California is is beach towns and the busy traffic of L.A. This is not the case at all. While I love L.A. and the beautiful beaches are a huge highlight of California, I often find myself not going to the beach for weeks or months on end. There is so much to do and see in California that it is impossible to put it into a paragraph. I believe that California is the most diverse state geographically. Nowhere else I have been have I been able to do so many things within driving distance all in the same state. Take where I live for example- I live in San Diego, which is pretty close to Mexico. I can drive two-and-a-half hours north-east and be in the snow to go skiing in the mountains. I can drive an hour east and be in the middle of the desert. I can drive two hours north and be in one of the biggest cities in the world, Los Angeles. I can drive six hours north-east and be in the pine-tree filled forests of National Parks and National forests. I can take a boat ride two hours off the coast to experience the tropical vibes of Catalina Island. There are nine national parks in California, and I have only been to four of them. See my point? California has everything. California is the third largest state in the U.S. and I truly believe that there will never come a day that I will not have a new thing to experience here or a new place to explore. No matter how far I travel or venture from this place, this state is my forever home and my favorite state in this beautiful country. 

Forever Free; a road trip playlist

Forever Free; a road trip playlist